Concrete Sounds Collection

Introducing 'Concrete Sounds', a pioneering mix n blend of my photographic passion for London's council estates and the music that was born in those neighbourhoods, taking LFTR right back to its roots. Shine new love on your record collection with these limited edition photographic 12 inch record sleeves or just frame them and take your wall art game to the next level!

This 12 inch record sleeve collection was inspired by my love for London's pirate radio scene in the 1990's and early 2000's, when radio really was life. It moved me to pick up the camera and set about capturing the city's council estates and tower blocks as they were such a huge part of London's musical folklore and played an integral role in broadcasting the music and helping to fill up London's famous clubs of the era.

By 2003, my eccentric mission became clear to me, to capture the view that the music had at the moment it was transmitted from the tower block rooftops, across the skyline and into the homes and cars of London's musical youth. This is how London from the Rooftops was born. 

My dream was that my artwork would be commissioned for 12 inch releases by the artists I loved and although I had a few (good ones), my ambition was never fully realised. So, in the spirit that motivated London's world-beating pirates and underground music makers of the day, I decided I am just going to have to take matters in to my own hands.

'Concrete Sounds' is the uncompromised vision of a pirate radio loving, record collecting fan of junglist beats and brutalist architecture. Imagine reviving your cherished white label records, by housing them in standout designs that breathe new life into your classic wax collection and celebrating the rugged architecture that incubated the genres of Hardcore, Jungle, Garage, Dubstep and Grime.

There are only 25 of each design in this collection and every single record cover will have it's own unique edition number and be personally signed by myself to give it an added layer of meaning for you.

Thanks to the cut-out on the flip side, you can still showcase the record label for quick selection when mixing or alternatively, you can frame these badass designs as you would a print to adorn the wall space of your music listening sanctuary at home. Whatever you choose to do with your chosen cover art, just know that this has all been done with an incredible amount of thought, passion and determination to pay homage to the music that made me the person I am and of course, made London the musical capital of the world. Big love, from JB.

1 Record Cover - £11.99

5 Record covers (pick and mix) - £50.00 (total adjusted automatically at checkout)

The complete 'Concrete Sounds' Collection of 10 different designs - £85.00



These are currently in production and won't be posted out until December 12th. If you are buying from outside of the UK with the thought to give as a xmas present, it is not guaranteed you will receive them before xmas day. I do not want any disappointed customers so I hope you read this far :)