Vintage Photo Restoration
Vintage Photo Restoration
Vintage Photo Restoration

Vintage Photo Restoration

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The evocative wonder of old family photographs is something we all treasure. I love it when my nan brings out the old albums and regales me with stories of a bygone era. Through these moments on film it's possible to feel a sense of lineage and connection that words alone cannot fully capture. The clothes they wore, the places they lived and worked. The relatives you never met but meant the world to your elders. It's really something quite magical.


So what started not so long ago as a project to cheer up my Nan by restoring her old photos of her late husband, my dear Grandpa, has now fledged into a surprising but entirely heartfelt new offering from the house of LFTR. The word is out and the inbox is filling up with your historic moments, so if you want to sprinkle some magic on your family treasure, it would be an honour to do that for you! 


Whether it's a treasured family portrait, a wedding photograph, or a candid snapshot in time, I will treat each image with utmost care, to meticulously restore and enhance every detail. Your restored photos will be cherished for generations to come and if it's beyond repair or you're not happy, you are guaranteed your money back. 


File Preparation

The better the supplied source image the better the end result, especially if you're looking to get your memories reprinted. If you're restoring for display on your phone, computer or social media, then relax, a screenshot or a photo of a photo will be good enough.

For best results 
  • Carefully remove the photos from any album sheathe or frame as it causes reflections that can be tough to remove.
  • Scan the photos using a home printer/scanner or at a local shop and scan at a high resolution. This is particularly helpful if you would like to get the photos reprinted.
  • OR, you can scan the photos with your phone using an app such as Google Photo Scan
  • If you cannot access a scanner, then your final option is to take a photo of a photo using your mobile phone. IMPORTANT > If you do this, then try to fill the frame, don't stand miles away from the photo. Don't take the photo at an angle, just keep it face on and if the reflections are a problem, move elsewhere until they are not. 
Would you like me to arrange the printing for you?

Prints are a beautiful way to share your restored photographs with family members, so that they may be framed and enjoyed every day. However, prints are not currently offered for sale directly via the website but I will happily arrange printing for you upon request. Please get in touch and I can share the print options and price list with you.

Albums and bulk restoration projects

If you have a job that doesn't fit into the options list above, such as the restoration of an entire album, just get in touch and we can discuss your needs. 

Once your files are ready
  • Place your order.
  • Send your photographs to me via one of the following. Email, Dropbox, Wetransfer or Google Drive. 
  • The email address to use is -
  • Please quote the order number you receive after checkout when sending your images through to avoid confusion with other orders.
  • Your restored digital photographs will be returned to the supplied email address or an alternative email address should it be requested. 
  • Your restored photographs will be returned at the same resolution they are received but will be upscaled where required if they are of particularly low resolution.