The Complete 'Concrete Sounds' Collection

The Complete 'Concrete Sounds' Collection

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If you're a record collector then it's probably fair to say you love a special collection. 

The Complete 'Concrete Sounds' collection comprises one of each unique design and will bring an original kind of love to your collection of records. If the London tower blocks have a special place in your musical heart, this collection will allow you rehouse your white labels into the tower blocks that were a big part of that records artistic journey through time.

There are only 25 available of each individual design, so I have limited the amount of complete collections available to just 5. Each individual record cover is numbered and signed by myself to bring another layer of meaning to the artwork and to your collection of musical art overall. Big respects if you purchase this!


These are currently in production and won't be posted out until December 12th. If you are buying from outside of the UK with the thought to give as a xmas present, it is not guaranteed you will receive them before xmas day. I do not want any disappointed customers so it has to be made clear! :)