Book a Masterclass

Book a Masterclass

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I love photography because I love life. And I LOVE to teach! With 20 years experience as a photographer and 15 of those as a pro, I've done it all, so my masterclasses can be tailor made to your needs.

Once you have booked, just get in touch via

You can tell me what YOU want to work on. OR, you can simply say, show me your London! The viewpoints and the quirky spots for the coolest shots. Exploration and inspiration are at the heart of the London from the Rooftops approach to life and to photography.

So, because life and London is so diverse, I won't list out all the possibilities. Masterclasses are priced on how much time you want to spend learning with me and then I will begin the process of co-creating the perfect experience for you. This can be out on location or it can be in the editing booth. It's completely up to you!