Park Hill
Park Hill
Park Hill

Park Hill

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A SIDE -Park Hill

AA SIDE - Park Hill Part II

*Disclaimer, Park Hill is not in London!

This Sheffield Landmark is the odd one out in the collection because it is, well, it's not in London. However, it's one of the most famous brutalist housing estates on earth and if you're a music connoisseur, you will know the important place that Sheffield has in the history of music. So it has very well earned place in the 'Concrete Sounds' Collection.

And this rooftop capture of Park Hill is so good that it is one of just 3 images to get the wrap around treatment because, just look at it! This image was born for 12 inch record cover glory!

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These are currently in production and won't be posted out until December 12th. If you are buying from outside of the UK with the thought to give as a xmas present, it is not guaranteed you will receive them before xmas day. I do not want any disappointed customers so it has to be made clear! :)