Canon 5d mark iii + Canon EF 24-70mm F 2.8L USM Lens
Canon 5d mark iii + Canon EF 24-70mm F 2.8L USM Lens

Canon 5d mark iii + Canon EF 24-70mm F 2.8L USM Lens

The camera:

'Pre - loved' and in perfect working order. I've decided to sell up as I've acquired  other cameras since buying this one and I just don't use it anymore. I look after my kit and it's spent most of it's life on a tripod and not been bumped or knocked around in action. 

Shutter count:

The shutter count is considerable at 167'000 because the camera was used largely as a time lapse camera. It's entirely possible the shutter could need replacing soon or, like some of my cameras, it could go on for another 200'000 clicks and never need replacing.

In the event it does need replacing before 250'000 clicks I will pay half the replacement cost and happily put that in writing for you. 

The lens: The lens itself is worth around £500 second hand. I'm bundling this with the camera as I replaced the lens with the mark ii version a while ago. I like to focus manually and it's showing its age in this area but the auto focus is still lightning quick and pin sharp. 

Free tutorial:

As part of the deal, I am offering a free photography tutorial session (Usually £150),  so I can hand over the camera to you with a ceremonial feel. Maybe I get too attached to my cameras but I wan't to see it in good hands. 

Free A2 print:

Also, as part of the deal is an A2 print of a beautiful sunrise scene I captured with this camera in February 2016. 

In summary: This is very good deal. Sold individually, these items would fetch £1300 -£1500 but I would rather it went to a good home for a good price than sit in my camera cupboard doing nothing. 

Camera comes with original box, instruction manual and lanyard. The lens does not come with the original box.

Please feel free to email me with any questions