3 Calendars + A3 Print Bundle
3 Calendars + A3 Print Bundle
3 Calendars + A3 Print Bundle
3 Calendars + A3 Print Bundle
3 Calendars + A3 Print Bundle
3 Calendars + A3 Print Bundle
3 Calendars + A3 Print Bundle
3 Calendars + A3 Print Bundle
3 Calendars + A3 Print Bundle

3 Calendars + A3 Print Bundle

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It's that time again London lovers!

The 14 year-old tradition that is the LONDON FROM THE ROOFTOPS annual A3 wall calendar is here to delight your walls and organise your life once more!

Creating this calendar is a heartfelt and time honoured process that began in 2010 with a small print run for just my friends and family. Over the years, the calendar has found new audiences and orders these days are placed from all corners of the globe but my trusted method remains exactly the same. 

As the year draws to an end, I dig in the archives and hand pick 12 of my favourite recent rooftop captures to share with my fellow London lovers, so the images are always fresh and always unique.

And every year emails come in to LFTR HQ saying, 'these pictures are so good! I can't bring myself to throw them away when the year is up!' Well... don't! Please cut them out and up-cycle them in the most creative way you can to make it the gift that keeps giving!

The calendar is A3 in size, printed on 200gsm glossy paper and features all the new and full moon dates for 2024.  


What's the x3 bundle + A3 print all about?

Well, it's nice to give a couple of calendars away to loved ones at Christmas right? But even better than that, why not also grab yourself a half price A3 print (frame not included) at the same time? This saves you £30 on a beautiful A3 print and so the calendars almost end up paying for themselves don't they!?

Ooohh but what print do I want? Here's a little info on the prints on offer. 

Autumn Sunrise

Captured on October 1st 2022 from Centre Point. A unique day when the sun (weather permitting), rises perfectly between the sloped verticals of The Scalpel and The Cheesegrater, like some kind of modern day Stone Henge, or perhaps more aptly, 'Glass Henge'.

Red Arrows at the Queen's Jubilee

The summer of 2022 will be one we all remember for a variety of reasons. It was swelteringly hot for one, and in the first few weeks of the stickiest of summers, the nation had an extended holiday to celebrate the Queen's 75th year on the throne. The pandemic seemed like a thing of the past, as the nation quite frankly got very drunk and enjoyed all manner of festivities including this truly awesome flyover by the Royal Air Force. 

Whether you are a royalist or not, we can all agree it was a wonderful time. 

A Midsummer Night

August 2022 - and the heatwave was showing no sign of relenting. On the evening of the August full moon, the skies were clear, the temperature high and there wasn't a breath of wind. Moon bathing in London is rarely so much like sun bathing. This perfect moonrise was captured from Hampstead as the weekend kicked off and London rejoiced.  

Tower Bridge Sunset

An all-time LFTR classic and one of the most colourful photographs in the whole LFTR archives. 

Trellick Nights

The iconic Trellick Tower in West London, captured as you have never seen it before. 

Fog on The Thames

A serene veil of mist shrouds The Shard on a golden autumn's sunrise.

Battersea Park 2011

One for the fans of Battersea Power Station that can remember the (better) view of yesteryear.

St Pancras Dawn

The silhouetted spires of St Pancras in the golden morning mist of Autumn 2011.


Postage info - IMPORTANT!

Calendar and A3 print bundle orders will be dispatched together unlike the A2 bundle. This is because an A3 print can fit inside the same packaging as the calendars but A2 prints are dispatched in a larger, protective print tube. The bundle will be dispatched when the calendars are ready to go at the end of November. If this is a problem, please contact James to discuss - james@londonfromtherooftops.com 

Orders placed in October and November will be dispatched in the last week of November. Last year we experienced some problems with post-brexit and post-pandemic delays in the international post but this year, orders will be going out 1-2 weeks earlier, so that all orders arrive weeks before xmas time.