3 Calendar Bundle

3 Calendar Bundle

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It's that time again London lovers!

The 13 year-old tradition that is the LONDON FROM THE ROOFTOPS annual A3 wall calendar is here to delight your walls and organise your life once more!

For James, creating this calendar is a heartfelt and time honoured process that began in 2010 with a small print run for just himself, his friends and his family. Over the years, James's work has found new audiences, orders are placed these days from all corners of the globe but James's trusted method remains exactly the same.

Throughout the year, James creates a sublime collection of new rooftop views across his beloved London and as the year draws to an end, he hand picks 12 of the best to share with his fellow London lovers.

On the cusp of each new year, emails come in to LFTR HQ saying, 'these pictures are so good! I can't bring myself to throw them away when the year is up!' Well... we really hope you don't! Please cut them out and up-cycle them in the most creative way you can! Make it the gift that keeps giving!

The calendar is A3 in size, printed on 200gsm glossy paper and features all the new and full moon dates for 2022.  


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When will the calendar be dispatched? IMPORTANT!

Orders will be dispatched in the last week of November. Last year we experienced some problems with post brexit and post pandemic delays in the international post but this year, they will be made priority, so that this does not happen again.