New Energy

Everything must be cleared, so please make me an offer.

 Home is where the heart is and never before has ‘home’ been such an important thing to invest in. Like many this year, I’ve had a very rough ride at times but one reaction I’ve had is to dramatically change my living space by investing in a home full of loving plantlife, creative lighting and inspirational artwork from my personal collection and that of other artists whose work inspires me. The comfort and joy that my personal space now brings me every day is as beautiful as it is important but it’s now time for a change (again).

 Many of the changes in our lives this year have been forced and like many, I initially lamented these perceived losses but over time, I have come to embrace and relish change in a way that would have scared the old me. And so, after 14 years here I feel it’s time to move on and start from fresh in a new home with brand new energy.

 All the artwork in my personal collection must find a new home and bring new energy to a new owner in a new space. These beautifully framed and previously exhibited artworks have brought my walls so much joy but I want to custom make a whole new range for my new walls.

 There is no set price. You can see how much the artworks are listed for ordinarily but this isn’t business as usual, it’s personal and a move I am comfortable with in direct, positive response to these unique times. I’m also very aware that a lot of people are in uncertain economic circumstances so although currency is king, I’m open to all offers of a different nature. I love the idea of trading skills or services, so if you would love one of these artworks for your home and have something to offer quid pro quo that is useful for LFTR (marketing, digital design etc), or of help in the creation of my new home (interior design, furniture maker, lighting or decoration wizard), please feel free to make an offer. Also, if you have some beautiful artwork to trade or some kind of health/wellbeing type of service/product to offer, please also feel free to make me an offer but this list is not exhaustive.  

 I’m really excited by what lays ahead and the opportunity to forge new energies, so please don’t use this page to click and buy, instead, please message me to discuss your idea, so we can make it personal and meaningful for us both. I can't wait to hearing from you.