End of Summer Print Sale

What an unforgettable summer it's been! It seems like it's been endless glorious sunshine and on top of that, it's been so, so good to move freely again in a city not restricted by the anonymous misery of face masks and social distancing. It really has been a time to be grateful and rejoice life.

So to celebrate the clear skies summer of '22, I am keeping it simple and releasing just three prints, two of which are panoramic - 'Clear Blue Day' and 'Clear Blue Night'. The third print in the collection is a royal slice of history, captured during The Queen's Jubilee Weekend and that print is only available in A sizes.  


Have you been to an LFTR exhibition before? This is the way it's always done both at the LFTR HQ and at every exhibition held in the last 5 years. Tray frames are modern, simple and elegant. There is no glazing in a tray frame because reflections are the scourge of a gorgeous print. 

However, if you would like an alternative framing solution, just email james@londonfromtherooftops.com to discuss. Otherwise, you can order a print only and arrange framing yourself with your local framers. But if you want an easy and sophisticated artwork product, then a tray frame is the connoisseur's choice.