Grenfell Tower Fire: Fundraising


Welcome to my Inspiration for donation page. 


Long story short, I’ve produced a fair amount of work from Grenfell Tower over the years, met many of the residents there and as we know, if they are lucky, they have only lost everything they own. The reality however is getting more tragic and desperate by the day.

Art has the power to inspire humanity and you guys have been AMAZING so far! Initially, I auctioned off all my existing Grenfell artwork stock which so far has raised over £3000 but inspired by the overwhelming support for this idea, I have decided to expand the concept in the hope of raising even more money.

I am now offering to produce any Grenfell view print at any spec, as long as there is a minimum donation directly to the Just Giving Fund of £500 (for company donations) or £200 (personal donations).

I can’t afford to produce any more artworks out of my own pocket however, I will supply the image file and donors just need to cover the basic production cost at the printers (cost varies depending on size and mounting/framing option) and provide evidence of the additional donation directly to the Just Giving fund.

I will simply place the order of your chosen image, organise delivery and forward the printers invoice on to you to complete payment. I am not receiving or handling any money at all and I have spoken to the printers who have kindly agreed to give 20% of their printing charge to the fund.

Please find in the gallery below, the available images that were taken from Grenfell Tower.

To complete your order please get in touch via email and state the desired width of the artwork and I will respond to discuss the rest.

Peace, love and unity,